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Cabana Fine 14K Ring
Cabana Fine 14K Ring
Cabana Fine 14K Ring
Cabana Fine 14K Ring
Cabana Fine 14K Ring
Cabana Fine 14K Ring
Cabana Fine 14K Ring
Cabana Fine 14K Ring
Cabana Fine 14K Ring
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Band Color
14K Yellow Gold
14K White Gold
14K Rose Gold
Center Stone
Aquamarine Gemstone
Band Color
14K White Gold
Center Stone


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Diamond Certification

All Oomiay Fine jewelry pieces with a diamond center stone will come with an IGI diamond certificate. IGI is the worlds largest independent lab for testing and grading diamonds and jewelry. Lab diamonds have the same testing and grading as natural diamonds.

Your Oomiay Fine jewelry piece center stone diamond is guaranteed to test as a high quality diamond - Excellent cut, G color, VS1 clarity, carat weight as listed

Secured Shipping

Our Los Angeles jewelry team works fast to create your new custom Oomiay Fine jewelry pieces as soon as your order is placed. Your new Oomiay Fine piece will be crafted in 5 - 7 business days and then shipped with insured 2 business day express shipping

Return Policy

To maintain our high quality & affordable pricing, every Oomiay Fine piece is custom made to order for you once you place your order. Since these are custom made pieces, we do not offer returns or exchanges unless your Oomiay Fine piece arrives with a manufacture defect.

Oomiay stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry and offers a free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on your fine jewelry purchases. If you experience damage to your purchase due to manufacturing, please contact us so we may evaluate your piece at hello@oomiay.com

Please be sure to know your ring size when ordering as we do not offer complimentary resizes at this time. As all Oomiay Fine pieces are solid gold, your ring can be resized at any local jeweler

Our Diamonds
Nobody said you have to compromise on quality or size. We hand set with the most desirable lab diamonds that sparkle with quality. Exclusively grown with the newest CVD technology, our stones are considered to be the most superior lab grown diamonds. 
Ethical Sourcing

Same sparkle, better origin. We proudly only use lab grown diamonds & lab gemstones to ensure ethical and sustainable sourcing, fair wages and transparent traceability.

The 4Cs

All our diamonds are cut with the highest grade of excellent, G near-colorless and with VS1 clarity that is difficult to see inclusion under 10x magnification.

IGI Certified 

Our certified CVD diamonds are guaranteed to test as a diamond every time with no yellow or brown tint ever. IGI is the industry leading institution that provides a more detailed report including fluorescent, polish and symmetry grades compared to GIA that only includes the 4Cs. 

Diamonds without Sacrifice

Get your signature diamond stack without sacrificing quality or size. Engagement or personal style, all our pieces are set with near colorless lab diamonds, VS1 clarity and excellent cut.

One of a Kind Designs

Just because they are diamonds, doesn't mean your only option should be the classics. Sparkle in originality with pieces that reflect your unique sense of personal style.

Are lab diamonds considered real diamonds?

Yes! Apart from being grown in a lab compared to mining it from the earth, lab diamonds are 100% real diamonds since they have the same chemical properties as natural diamonds.

Even from a professional gemologist's naked eye, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the two. The only way to distinguish natural vs lab is through rigorous testing and advanced equipment specifically designed to identify minor growth pattern differences.

Lab diamonds will always test positive on a diamond tester.

Is moissanite the same as a lab diamond?

No, moissanite is a completely different stone. It is made from silicon carbide whereas diamonds are made from carbon. Both stones have a different look, grading scale, and hardness rating.

How are lab diamonds made?

Lab grown diamonds are produced by two methods: chemical vapor deposition (CVD) or high pressure high temperature (HPHT).

CVD is the newest technology that not only is more sustainable, but also produces a more high quality, genuine diamond. HPHT diamonds are more likely to have a yellowish tint and darker inclusions because they are exposed to nitrogen while forming.

With the CVD method, a piece of a natural diamond, "a seed", is placed in a vacuum chamber which is heated to 1500 fahrenheit and filled with carbon-rich gases. The gases break down their molecular bonds, allowing the pure carbon to attach to the seed. As more carbon layers form, the seed gets bigger and results in the growth of a larger diamond. This process basically mimics the conditions that occur in our earth's crust millions of years ago that create natural diamonds.

All Oomiay Fine lab diamonds are grown only using the CVD process, which results in a superior diamond, identical to the ones found in nature.

Why choose lab diamonds over natural diamonds?
  1. No mining required: For every 1ct of mined diamond, 100 sqft of earth needs to be dug up, resulting in 6,000 lbs of mineral waste and natural habitat destruction.
  2. Cleaner origin: You are guarantee a conflict-free diamond.
  3. Diamonds without compromise: Get your desired size and color without your budget getting in the way. Lab diamonds are not only more affordable when it comes to a classic style, but they also open up more possibilities in terms of design and shape that wouldn't be economically achievable with natural diamonds.
  4. Both are real diamonds: Lab diamonds are identical to natural diamonds and will always test as a diamond. The only difference is a cleaner origin, a happier earth and more affordability for the same exact thing!
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