Our Story

Founded in Los Angeles, Oomiay is a collection of unique, one of a kind, heavy gold plated jewelry. It embodies the essence of LA and its unapologetic style of bold femininity. Our pieces are anything but conventional -unique enough for you to designate as your signature style.

Los Angeles is the home of so many cultures, fashion styles and personalities. We wanted to build a brand that encompasses the authentic vibe of where we started and give confidence to bold colors and cuts that give life to the city of angels.

Our Vibes

We set on creating unique, one of a kind designs that inspire spontaneity, creativity and excitement. With an exclusive 3x gold dipped process and 5A grade crystals, Oomiay jewelry blends beautiful, high quality materials with trendy, unique styles.

Our pieces are designed to break the mold, encapsulating the excitement of new experiences while you play with your signature style. Influenced by new trends, Oomiay jewelry aims to inspire you to let go of social norms and embrace what makes you smile.

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You are confident, exciting and playful. Love a good treat yourself moment and celebrates life to its fullest. You embrace new trends and aren't set in something routine when it comes to style and experiences.

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