Our Story

Founded in the city of angels, Oomiay is an unfiltered Los Angeles inspired collection of unique, one of a kind, heavy gold plated jewelry. It embodies the essence of LA and its unapologetic style of bold femininity. Our pieces are anything but conventional – peeling off the “California girl” filter of basic gold bands and rebelling against the classic standards of a typical jewelry brand.

Los Angeles is the home of so many cultures, fashion styles and personalities. We wanted to build a brand that encompasses the authentic vibe of where we started and give confidence to bold colors and cuts that give life to the city of angels.

Our Vibes

We set on creating unique, one of a kind designs that inspire spontaneity, creativity and excitement. With an exclusive 3x gold dipped process and 5A grade crystals, Oomiay jewelry blends beautiful, high quality materials with trendy, unique styles.

Our pieces are designed to break the mold and encapsulates the blissful feeling of youth and new experiences. Always influenced by new trends, Oomiay jewelry aims to inspire you to let go of social norms and embrace what makes you smile.

You are our "It" Girl

You are confident, exciting and playful. Love a good treat yourself moment and celebrates life to its fullest. You embrace new trends and aren't set in something routine when it comes to style and experiences.

Our Crystals

Oomiay 5A Grade Crystals are high quality lab created crystals that are cut with a technique that refracts light with the most radiance. Depending on the crystal style, we use only the highest grade of cubic zirconia or glass to achieve our unique crystals' colors and effects!

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Our Metals

Plating in gold (when done professionally) can be just as beautiful as solid gold, while allowing us to offer jewelry at affordable prices! We use semi-precious metals (brass or silver) to craft all our pieces. The true beauty of our rings come from our secret plating technique, where we 3x dip the base in 14k gold.

We crafted a process using 3 different types of plating, which is why we call it 3x dipped. Each round is a different process that serves a specific purpose, with the final round being an advanced coating technique for extra protection. Every Oomiay piece is heavy gold plated with at least 2.5 microns of high quality 14k gold, making it well over 5x the industry average!

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Sustainability Matters

Our Oomiay Gold Sealed collection uses a process that creates zero chemical waste! Additionally, designing with crystals allow us to limit the consumption of natural resources and do our part in reducing unethical mining. We are constantly striving to minimize our environmental impact by taking steps towards creating a cleaner, healthier planet :)

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