Style isn’t just about clothes — it’s also all about accessories. At Gemandi, we know just how to help represent your personal style through jewelry, too. With a wide range of rings, earrings, necklaces and fashion jewelry of all different shapes, sizes and colors, we’re making it easier than ever to ditch fine jewelry. Instead, opt for Gemandi designs that are individually unique, stylish, and affordable so you can create a customized jewelry collection that shows off who you are and what you love, every single day.

Still need some convincing? No worries. Here are 8 reasons girls are ditching their fine jewelry for our pieces.

1. Gemandi 5A-Grade Crystals

Every one of Gemandi’s 5A-grade cubic zirconia and glass crystals are hand-cut by elite jewelers. And while we treat our crystals like precious gems, don’t call them diamond substitutes — they are so much more than that! Our 5A-grade stones are top-of-the-line crystals treated with as much precision and detail as traditional gemstones, without any of the traditional limitations. With these high-quality crystals, we can play with an endless combination of colors, cuts, shapes and sizes to create trendy designs that sparkle and shine.  

2. Hand-Set Crystals

As much as we love the aesthetic innovations our 5A-grade crystals allow us to explore, we’re not all about breaking tradition. Case in point: Each of those crystals is hand-cut and hand-set into every ring, earring and necklace, to insure that each piece is set with precision and mastery.

3. Jewelry at a Range of Price Points

You don’t have to break the bank to be fashionable. That’s why Gemandi jewelry is priced for every budget and every style. Depending on the metal, crystals, style and size of the pieces you choose, we’ve carefully priced them to be accessible and affordable. Whether you choose just one design or want to build a whole new jewelry collection, we strive for total happiness for you and your wallet :)

4. Hassle-Free Exchanges & Returns

Online shopping just got way easier. With our effortless exchange/returns portal, you can worry less about ordering the wrong size! In addition to our already affordable prices, we cover return shipping for both exchanges & returns as long as it’s within our return policy. And the best part? You can do it all yourself with our easy hassle-free portal! But don’t worry, our team is still available if you want to talk directly to a happiness team member ❤️

5. Always Inclusive Ring Sizing

With our iconic jewelry, we set out to help everyone break the mold and express their own individual style. To do just that, every single one of our rings are available in one of the largest selections of sizes on the market today — from sizes 4 through 10 — so that everyone, no matter their size, can rock our stylish and trendsetting designs every day!

6. Proprietary 3x Gold Plating Process

Gemandi is the only brand in the world to dip each of our hypoallergenic brands three times during our 14-karat gold plating process, resulting in plating that is five times thicker than industry averages. That means our designs are less likely to tarnish — and you’ll never end up with irritated fingers caused by cheap materials. This process results in jewelry that is loved by 92% of our customers when it comes to the prolonged longevity. If you happen to be part of that 8% who isn’t totally compatible, don’t worry! We also stock a covetable range of sterling silver pieces.  

7. Encompass Every Facet of Your Personal Style

Gemandi designs aren’t just one thing — they aren’t only classic or only trendy. We’ve created a full spectrum of designs that embody different tastes and profiles. Mix and match from separate collections and different jewelry types for a well-rounded approach to your personal style.

8. Unique 14k Black Gold Designs

Add a stylish touch to your jewelry collection with our special 14k black gold designs. The gunmetal-like finish of the black gold makes our 5A-grade crystals shine even brighter and gives your overall look a mystic edginess unlike any other.


By Hannah Warne

Hannah Warne is a copywriter and journalist who loves bringing brands to life. With a background working for both global brands like Tiffany & Co. and Groupon and local businesses, Hannah loves to find the perfect words to tell the best story. Based in New York City, she loves to explore the city’s different neighborhoods by way of new restaurants, coffee shops and bakeries.